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There is a bit of a disagreement in our household over what constitutes a Mother’s Day gift. If Mr C had his way, he’d spend an absolute packet on haircuts, manicures and spa treatments. Maybe it’s his way of hinting that I look a bit rough?!

In my opinion, though, Mother’s Day is about celebrating motherhood, and showing the role of mother a bit of much deserved respect! So here is my Mother’s Day 2017 wish list.

  1. A cup of coffee. Made for me by someone else, preferably served in bed, and drunk before it goes cold.
  2. Something made by the kids. It really doesn’t have to be Monet, I’m not fussy, just knowing that there’s a little bit of love in that smudge of pink paint is enough!
  3. Time together as a family. Maybe watching a DVD, or playing a game together. Preferably without any tantrums or toddler meltdowns.
  4. An hour alone. Celebrating motherhood is just as much about time alone as it is time with the kids (honest!)
  5. Finally – and this is the big one – I’d like to celebrate all mothers, in all their shapes and sizes, all their forms and guises, (I’m a poet…) from all walks of life, all backgrounds and all cultures. So here’s what I’m going to do; between now and Tuesday 21st March I am going to be collecting the names of mothers and what makes them great, and I will be giving each and every one of them a shout out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, as well as on the blog, on Mother’s Day (Sunday 26th March). This is where you, lovely reader, come in! If you are a mum and you would like a shout out, or you know a mum who deserves a shout out, or you want me to give a shout out to your mum, or maybe your nan is like a mum to you? You get the idea and you’re in the right place! Fill in the details below, and on Mother’s Day keep an eye out for your shout out!

Please enter the Instagram account you would like me to tag, for example “mummy_mama_mum”. This could be your account, or the account of the person you want me to shout out. I will tag everyone on Instagram and share the posts to Twitter and Facebook. I will also be posting my shout outs on the blog, so if you are a blogger and would like me to link your shout out to your blog, please make sure you enter your blog URL in the form above.

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  1. A fab post, I need to make a mothers day list and basically it would say


    I’m kidding.. kind of!

    Thanks for joining in with #TuesdayTreasures.

  2. This is a brilliant idea and I love how Mothers Day isn’t all about getting expensive gifts, it’s about celebrating Motherhood. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

  3. A lovely list, thank you. It’s a super idea that you are celebrating Motherhood. I love a cup of coffee made for me and homemade gifts from the kids, kinda perfect! #fortheloveofBLOG

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